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One of the frustrating things about ley publications is that the mark points of leys are published as either descriptive text or lines on a map, rather than the national grid refs of the sites. All of which makes it hellishly difficult to reproduce the work, as the points have to be back-worked on modern maps before the quality can be evaluated. Watkins at least had the excuse that it appears that the Ordnance Survey National Grid system was not in operation when he wrote his book, and the maps he used predate the 1" series.

Let's start with Alfred Watkins -

From his 1945 book The Old Straight Track

Taking fig 12, the sites are

Cross Farm
Earthwork (3)
Oldcastle (4) Sarnesfield
moat (5)
SO28715200 SO32765202 SO36575199


Cross Farm
Earthwork (5)
Campbell Manor
moat (6)
Motte & Bailey (7)
Church (8)
SO28715200 SO30995172 SO33205145 SO37435097

The church leys of Fig 13

Hightrees Woolhope
SO50183318 SO51663354 SO56883474 SO61143581


Much Birch Little
Fownhope Woolhope
SO50423050 SO52943176 SO58123428 SO61143581



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  1. The Old Straight Track, 3rd ed, Methuen & Co Ltd, London, 1945, p10