Megalithic sites of the British Isles

Megalith - from the Greek Mega = huge and lith = stone

Single standing stones and rings - standing silent sentinel in remote parts of the British Isles in tribute to their builders from long ago. For thousands of years they have waited - over a hundred generations of mankind. What did they mean, why were they constructed - we do not know. Some of their very attraction is that these reminders of the dawn of Man are mute, no writing and very little imagery or art has been passed through the millennia from these ancestors. Visitors wonder, but the stones hold their secrets, and maybe they will hold their mystery for ever. Archaeologists infer that they were ceremonial or ritual sites, simply from the sheer collective effort needed to raise them. Too many sites which hold human remains seem to be called burial chambers. Such logic might, in thousands of years time look at churches which often contain human remains and sarcophagi and conclude that the cathedrals of Europe were grand burial chambers too... Maybe it is better to say we do not know.

This listing is not a complete list of megalithic sites - I have listed the sites in the order which I think they should be. These are some of the sites I have been to and enjoyed - I hope you enjoy them too :-)

  Site notes
Stone Circle Callanish Large cross-like setting with tall slender stones on the Isle of Lewis
Stone Circle Newgrange Fantastic barrow with alignment so the midwinter sunrise shines into the central chamber down a long passage
Stone Circle Castlerigg Lovely setting for this pretty circle in the Cumbrian mountains
Stone Circle Rollright The closest stone circle to London with fantastically gnarled limestone stones
Stone Circle Swinside Attractive setting near the sea for this large circle
Stone Circle Arbor Low All the stones are prone in this circle within a ditch
Stone Circle Hurlers Three stone circles close together on Bodmin Moor
Stone Circle Long Meg & Her Daughters The midwinter sun rises over Long Meg when viewed from the centre of the circle
  Nine Maidens Attractive stone row
Dolmen Trethevy Quoit Portal Dolmen

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