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Terrain Program to plot the terrain between two mainland UK radio sites
TV Aerials Choosing and Siting your TV aerial
Belling-Lee How to wire a (UK/European) TV aerial plug
cable How to recognize CT100/WF100 cable and why it is better for DTT
Field Strength Calculation line of sight maximum signal levels given TX eirp, frequency, distance
What's Wrong with
Set-Top Aerials
Measurement of exactly how much a set-top aerial sucks compared to a basic rooftop aerial.
Beware the Booster using booster amps right
Mo' Betta and using them wrong...
Tinkerer's Curse is that improvement really an improvement? How long must you wait to be sure?
Poor Man's DTT test set Some PC adapters give you the BER measurement you need to line up right.
Audio noise estimation Noise estimation of a mic and recorder combination
P48 to MD howto Connecting P48 phantom powered mics to a minidisc
MD LH Mic attenuator Using a stereo MD with a mono mike you can use the
second channel to record an attenuated
version of the main signal. So if you overrecord the main signal
you can use the attenuated channel which is not
overrecorded unless you've gone way over the top.
Battery Box for electret micsGet a better loud sound overload performance and lower distortion using a battery box
Using Piezo contact mics These guys have a bad rap for tinny sound. Here's how to avoid that by using them right.

Terrain program adapted from G4JNT's program of the same name, PHP charting from Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen M E g A L i T h i A
Text and photographs RM 1992-2003 unless otherwise credited