The Isle of Anglesey


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Megaliths on the Isle of Anglesey (click mini map picture for detail)

Bryn Celli Ddu

The Isle of Anglesey, on the north-west tip of Wales is a fertile, low-lying region which has been farmed since prehistoric times. The island, about 15-20 miles across is joined to the mainland by the bridges across the Menai Straits. It is rich in megalithic sites, perhaps the best known being Bryn Celli Ddu - the Mound in the Dark Grove.
Anglesey is comapct and easy to get around, sheltered in the lee of the Snowdonia mountain range which is a popular National Park. This map does not include all the sites - there are some which are inaccessible and some which are high in mountainous regions on the west and to the east of the island. The wide range of stones shown above makes the island worth a couple of days' visit. The western port of Holyhead is a popular embarkation point for the ferry to Ireland, and if on your way back or out there then the twin stones of Penrhos Feilw and the enigmatic Bryn Celli Ddu are well worth breaking your journey for!

Penrhos Feilw

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