Type:Stone Circle
Grid Ref:NX383565
Accuracy:to 70m (NGR derived)
Date:June 2000
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Torhousekie  Stone Circle
nearby sites
Torhousekie East Alignment, 0.1km, NX384565
Torhousekie N Stone Circle, 0.1km
BladnochStanding Stone, 1.9km
BladnochStanding Stone, 4.6km
Eldrig Loch Stone Circle, 8.9km, NX324498
BagbieStanding Stone, 11.5km, NX498562
DrumtroddanStanding Stone, 12.0km, NX362447
Glenquickan S Stone Circle, 12.6km, NX508583
Glenquickan N Stone Circle, 12.7km, NX509582
Claughreid Stone Circle, 13.4km, NX517560
Steeps Park Stone Circle, 14.3km, NX245527
Cauldside Burn Stone Circle, 14.6km, NX529571
Drannandow Stone Circle, 14.7km, NX401711
The ThievesStanding Stone, 15.2km, NX404716
High Auchenlarie Stone Circle, 15.9km, NX539534
Very close to the more complete circle of Torhouskie N, these large stones are what is left of a second circle.
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