Callanish map

callanish map

Recommended tour (from )

Site Description interest
XI A bit of a climb, but good views over the area 2 menhir
XII A single stone, visible without leaving the highway! 2 menhir
XVI Single stone, by roadside 2 menhir
I The Standing Stones of Callanish! 5 Stone Circle
II Short walk along footpath 3 Stone Circle
III Near road, with stile 3 Stone Circle
X half-mile walk into the moors - all stones lying prone 1
XVII short moorland walk, single fallen stone 1
IV near road, barbed wire fence to climb though... 3 Stone Circle
V half mile walk 2
VI moorland walk, not recommended when wet! 1
VIII 10 miles from Callanish 3 Stone Circle

  1. The Stones Around Callanish, Gerald & Margaret Ponting, Rev 1993 Margaret Curtis & Ron Curtis ISBN 0 9505998 9 1 , page 7